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Principal Dina Ercolano


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PS158 は、公平性、包括性、生涯学習者の育成を信じています。


PS158 は、安全で楽しく熱心な学習コミュニティに参加するすべての人を歓迎します。私たちは、コミュニティの各メンバーの無限の可能性を信じており、彼らが自分自身や他者を理解するのをサポートするために取り組んでいます。 PS158 では、人種的および文化的アイデンティティとストーリーを含む、人々の複数のアイデンティティを確認することが私たちの使命です. 

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Supply Lists by Grade

Grade specific lists are for each grade, for ONE student in the grade. Please do not label any items.  Please have these supplies available and stored at home, please do not send any supplies directly to the school.  

Links to 2023-24 lists



1st Grade

2nd Grade

3rd Grade

4th Grade

5th Grade

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For large events such as Family Mornings, class parties etc. please have ready our yellow 2023-24 PS158 School ID card for each adult.  If an adult does not have a PS158 School ID card, they can only enter our school building with a Government-issued photo ID. It is one ID card per adult. 

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