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Welcome to PS 158


Principal Dina Ercolano

Principal Dina Ercolano

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Our Mission Statement

PS 158 is a nurturing, learning community committed to educating the whole child. Our inclusive school environment encourages the abilities and talents of our students by providing varied opportunities and resources for each child to develop social-emotional, academic, creative, and leadership potential.

Announcements - 

Sharing our PS 158 BTS (Back-To-School) video!

DOE Health & Safety in Schools

It is imperative that you review both the Family Letter that was sent out via Remind (and attached here) and the recently updated Health Screener for the most recent Health and Safety guidelines, including quarantine protocols.

  • If your child has a POSITIVE COVID result, please email it to Janice, cc teachers and Dina, and INCLUDE the following [Full Name of Student, Date of Sample Collection; Date of Onset of Symptoms, if any; Last Date in School].  

  • We will then initiate the correspondence for Contact-Tracing and Instructional Plans. Instructional plans will be shared, at the latest, by 8:20am on the following school day.

  • In the event you child is exposed to Covid Outside of School, the healthscreener will let you know, based on your child's vaccination status, if your child could enter our school. Please complete the healthscreener to the best of your knowledge to keep our community safe and our school open-
    If your child is considered fully vaccinated, come to school!
    If your child is not vaccinated, the screener will provide them with options to test back to school after day 5 to return on day 8 and quarantine. Please then email the teacher(s) so Asynchronous instruction is provided.

  • Test Kits are provided to and reserved ONLY for any student or staff who exhibit COVID-like symptoms in school or have been in a classroom where a positive case has been identified.
    Please note that this home testing program applies only to school exposures; it does NOT apply to individuals with household (outside of school) exposures.

  • The DOE encourages all families who have not yet submitted consent, regardless of whether their child is vaccinated, to consent to in school testing through their NYC Schools Account (schoolsaccount.nyc) or return a signed paper form to the school. Testing is a critical part of keeping schools open and communities safe. 

DOE Accounts

What are they and how do you set them up.

In order to apply to a DOE school you will need a MySchool account.  Learn more here, https://www.schools.nyc.gov/enrollment/enroll-grade-by-grade.

Once you are registered you need to setup your NYC School Account.  This account will give you access to your child's attendance, progress reports, asessments and other important information.  Learn how to create your account here, https://www.schools.nyc.gov/learning/student-journey/nyc-schools-account/nycsa-account-set-up-guide-for-parents.

SLT Meetings PS 158

Meeting Dates: 9/24, 10/8, 11/19, 12/3, 1/7, 2/4, 3/4, 4/1, 5/6, 6/3. 


Time of Meetings: 7:45am


Who to contact for meeting link: Mary Semack, mary.semack@ps158.net

Family Resources

Parent Coordinator

Mary Semack


(212) 744-6562 ext 2102

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