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Our Mission Statement

PS158 believes in equity, inclusion and developing lifelong learners.


PS158 welcomes all who enter our safe, joyful and dedicated learning community. We believe in the individual and limitless potential of each of our community members and we work to support their understanding of themselves and others. At PS158 it is our mission to affirm people’s multiple identities, including their racial and cultural identities and stories. 


PS158 sets high academic expectations for all learners. We are dedicated to developing a love for learning, by cultivating curiosity, sense-making, and confidence through critical conversation, collaboration and authentic learning. At PS158 students read, write, problem-solve, collaborate, investigate, play, create, revise and celebrate every day. Our inclusive school environment provides varied opportunities and resources for each child to develop social-emotional, academic, creative, and leadership potential. 


We believe that caring, empathetic relationships among students, staff and families are essential to our mission. We believe that it is in partnership with each other and other learning communities that we stay true to our mission and stay in response to the latest research, data and world events. We are brave enough to have the conversations that matter, as we seek to understand the world and our part in making it just for all of us. 

As students leave PS158, it is our greatest hope that they continue as lifelong learners, critical thinkers and courageous citizens committed to building a more kind, inclusive and equitable world.

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