Timeline and Information Updates

This year’s application deadline will be later than the traditional early December deadline. 

A more detailed timeline will be shared in the near future.

Information from the Office of Enrollment will be shared on their website, and with families who have signed up for email alerts.

Welcome Letters

Letters will be available before the application opens.

Each Welcome Letter has instructions on creating a MySchools account, and the account creation code that lets parents link their child to their account.

Welcome Letters will be mailed directly to all families; if you do not receive a letter please contact the Parent Coordinator

Middle School Directory

Families can continue exploring options through the MySchools Directory. Hard copies will not be distributed this year.

Online Application

After Welcome Letters are distributed to families, the application will then open.

At that time, families will then be able to access their personalized application, rank up to 12 program choices, and submit their application up until the application deadline.

As in past years, families may also elect to submit their application through their elementary school.  Please contact the Parent Coordinator for assistance.

Important Links

Independent School Applications

If you will are applying to independent (private/religious) school(s) please complete this form for each school you are applying to.

Independent School Applications

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