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Now Sunday, October 28, 2018



Please sign up for your new class booth and sign up to be a Haunted House actor 


Get your Octoberfest tickets early and support your child's school with a Family or Corporate Sponsorship!

Family Sponsorships include: 

  • Family name on Octoberfest-themed Sponsor Board in school cafeteria

  • 2 Bracelets valid for all rides, bouncy houses, Gaga and the Haunted House

  • 2 Vouchers for Lunch, 2 Snack Vouchers, 2 Beverage Vouchers

  • 10 tickets for use towards games, food or activities

  • Limited-edition Octoberfest Gift

Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities:

  • $1,000 Platinum Sponsor

  • $500 Gold Sponsor

  • $250 Silver Sponsor

Family Corporate Sponsorships receive both Family and Corporate Sponsorship benefits.

Volunteer For Your Class Shift: 

The magic only happens with parent volunteers.  Sign up for a shift with your child's assigned class booth! When the four shifts for your class booth fill up, please sign up under "My Child's Class Booth is Fully Staffed". This will let you fill in at the time you choose, where you are most needed. 

Volunteer For The Haunted House:

Spooky more your speed?  Sign up to create, do makeup for, or act in the Haunted House!!

Donate Tasty Treats!

Help by contributing tasty treats!! We also need snacks, drinks and other goodies! See what your child's grade is bringing.  Please email with any questions.


Super-Del Market

SW Management

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